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Unpolished or Rolled Finishes

No.1- A rough, dull surface, which results from hot rolling to the specified thickness, followed by annealing and descaling.

BA Bright Anneal -The bright annealed mill surface is obtained by annealing the material under an atmosphere so that scale is not produced on the surface.

No.2D-A dull finish which results from cold rolling followed by annealing and descaling, and may perhaps get a final light roll pass through unpolished rolls. A 2D finish is used where appearance is of no concern.

NO.2B-A bright , cold-rolled surface obtained in the same manner as NO.2D finish, except that the annealed and descaled sheet receive a final light roll pass through polished rolls. This is the general-purpose cold-rolled finish that can be used as is, or a preliminary step to polishing.

Polished Finishes

NO.3- An intermediate polished surface obtained by finishing with a 100-grit abrasive. Generally used where a semi-finished polished surface is required. A NO.3 finish usually receives additional polishing during fabrication.

NO.4- A polished surface obtained by finishing with a 120-150 mesh abrasive, following initial grinding with coarser abrasives. This is a general purpose bright finish with a visible "grain" which prevents mirror reflection.

NO.6-A dull satin finish having lower reflectivity than NO.4 finish. It is produced by Tampico brushing the NO.4 finish in a medium of abrasive and oil. It is used for architectural applications and ornamentation where a high luster is undesirable, and to contrast with brighter finishes.

NO.7-A highly reflective finish that is obtained by buffing finely ground surfaces but not to the extent of completely removing the "grit " lines. It is used chiefly for architectural and ornamental purposes.

NO.8- The most reflective surface, which is obtained by polishing with successively finer abrasives and buffing extensively until all grit lines from preliminary grinding operations are removed. It is used for applications such as mirrors and reflectors.

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